Bushcraft Gathering


September 26 - 29, 2019


North Bend, PA

Sandcut Outdoors will be returning to Uitwaaien for our third consecutive year.  This is an absolutely awesome gathering with more outdoor programs available than a person can shove into a three day period.  The best way to understand what Uitwaaien is about is to view their website:  www.pagathering.com


This year I’ll be running programs all weekend, including cordage making, rope making, basic outdoor knots, edible/medicinal wild plants and Hug a Tree and Survive for the kids and maybe a few other things.  Uitwaaien will be at a new, forested location this year which promises to be an even better setting than in past years.


Uitwaaien 2019 runs from Thursday, September 26 to Sunday, September 29, 2019 at the West Clinton Sportsmen Association, 161 Sportsmen Lane, North Bend, PA, 17760.


For more information or to register, contact Art through the Uitwaaien website.