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Premium Courses

The following list includes the more in depth courses that I offer. Most classes are all appropriate for kids ranging from around 8 years to adults except where noted. They are all suitable for beginners, but are still entertaining and informative for those with more miles on their boots. These classes are more focused on specific groups based on interest. Classes range in length.  As with the Basic Courses, I can add additional courses to meet the needs of your group.

Making Natural Dyes from Plants - Learn which plants can be used for obtaining natural dyes and how to extract them for fabric and scrapbooking.

Make a Plant Press for Scrapbooking - Make a plant press and learn how to prepare flowers and plant parts for creative scrapbooking.

Dog First Aid - Coming soon - Learn to care for your best friend whether hunting, hiking or just staying around the house.

Basic Chainsaw Skills for Homeowners - This class teaches new chainsaw users the basics of using a chainsaw including operation, safety, and some basic first aid. Teaches students how to read compression, as well as understand kickback and pinching and how these forces work on your chainsaw. Not suitable for kids under 14.

Basic Outdoor Knife Skills for Kids - Coming soon (once I can find an insurance underwriter who will even consider this).

Basic Outdoor Knife Skills for Adults - Coming soon,

Introductory Spoon Carving - Coming soon.

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