New Offerings

I am constantly trying to come up with new ideas for classes that not only meet the needs of the outdoor community, but are both novel and interesting.  You can only make so many debris shelters, right?  Check here from time to time to see what's cooking.

Pediatric CPR for New Moms - Don't throw the same old boring baby shower for that new mom-to-be.  Give the gift of knowledge.  Throw her a Pediatric CPR party.  This class is appropriate for new moms, old moms, grandmas, nieces, nephews and even crazy Uncle Joe.  Motherhood is stressful enough.  Give her a little piece of mind.  Approximately 2 hours (depending on the size of the party) and is appropriate for everyone age 11 to adult.

First Aid for a Chaotic World - "I never thought that something like that would happen here."  How many times do we hear this?  Let's face it, the evening news frequently brings us reports of events that we'd like to believe will never involve us.  The reality is, they always happen SOMEWHERE.  We can sit by and give support with candlelight vigils and hashtag platitudes or we can ready ourselves to give care to those in need until additional help can arrive.  Normal people like us are the true first responders.  Course material will include scene size up, responder safety, patient assessment, controlling severe bleeding, emergency moves, head/neck/back stabilization, cpr/rescue breathing, improvised care, and much, much more.  This class has no national certifying body, but is adapted from several nationally approved emergency care programs to help meet the needs of a traumatic mass casualty event.  This is an approximately 8 hour course and is appropriate for ages 14 to adult.