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Mike's Picks

Throughout my travels over the years I have run into many businesses that I think are just great businesses for one reason or another.  Perhaps it's because the owners are just really great people.  Perhaps it's because they sell items that you just won't find any where else.  Perhaps it's all of the above.  Either way, below is a list of other businesses in which, I think, the folks who take my courses may also have interest. 

Stroudsburg Foto Shop - Located on Main St. in Stroudsburg, PA.  I have been buying binoculars and camera equipment from Dave since 1988.  I can't speak highly enough about the service that I've received here.  It's the only place that I'll go.

Carroll and Carroll Booksellers - Located a half a block down from Stroudsburg Foto is the greatest privately owned book store in which I've ever shopped.  I'm like a kid in a candy shop in this place.  I've purchased some really neat, out of print botany/plant ID books here over the years.

Priority One Surplus - Located in the plaza between Cabela's and Walmart in Hamburg, PA, this place is a true surplus store, but without all the mustly-smelling clothing.  The guys at Priority One stock a wide range of first aid supplies, which is why I stop there whenever passing through.  Both of my large first aid kit pouches were purchased here as well as CAT and SWAT-T tourniquets and QuikClot gauze for my Wilderness and Remote First Aid classes.

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