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Classes Offered

My goal here at Sandcut Outdoors is to offer high quality outdoor education.  Living here in Pennsylvania, we are blessed to be surrounded by millions of acres of public land.  However, only by understanding the natural history of our great Commonwealth can we learn to make sound management decisions for the way that we use those lands for both recreation and commerce.

My regularly offered classes are broken down into three categories.

  • Basic Courses

  • Premium Courses

  • Courses for American Red Cross Certification

Highlight the "Classes Offered" dropdown tab on the toolbar above to further explore what we have to offer.

Additionally, I also frequently add a variety of "one off" classes such as Women's Wilderness Weekends and Herbal Lore Kayak Trips.  Be sure to scan the events calendar under the "Upcoming Classes" tab regularly so that you don't miss any of these unique events.

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