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Class Pricing

I've always believed that quality education is invaluable.  Having said that, I've also always believed that quality education should not be more expensive than any other form of recreation.  As such, I make a concerted effort to price my classes so that they are no more expensive than going to see a movie at the local mall.

I base the price of my Basic Classes and Lectures on a simple matrix; $5/student/hour.  For a 2 hour class, that's less than a movie and popcorn.  My rate is based on a regular school-sized class of 30 students.  As such,

Up to 2 Hours of class  = $300 (30 students x $5/student x 2 hours)

After 2 hours, each additional hour of class added drops to $100/hour with a flat rate of $500/full day


Premium Courses can be a bit more costly based on the class, the amount of material needed, and the number of students.  For pricing on these classes, please contact me and we can discuss pricing based on the course desired and size of the class.

For American Red Cross Classes for Certification the prices are as follows:

Adult or Adult/Pediatric CPR/AED                                     - $90/student

Adult or Adult/Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED                  - $110/student

Wilderness and Remote First Aid                                     - $180/student

Wilderness and Remote First Aid + Adult CPR/AED  - $225/student *

*NOTE:  Since a current Adult CPR/AED certification is a pre-requisite to enter the Wilderness and Remote First Aid class, I offer the two as a bundled class to reduce the price of the CPR by half.  As I said, I try to keep my classes affordable.

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