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Basic Courses

The following list includes some of the basic courses that I offer here at Sandcut Outdoors. They are all appropriate for kids ranging from around 8 years to adults. They are all suitable for beginners, but are still entertaining and informative for those with more miles on their boots. They would all be suitable for scout troops/packs, homeschool groups and/or public groups in general. Classes average 1 - 2 hours +/-.  Additional classes or combination s of classes can be added to suit your needs.

Hug a Tree and Survive -  (National Association for Search and Rescue) - Teaches children what to do in the event that they become lost in the woods.

Basic Knots for Outdoor Use - Learn the difference between a knot, a hitch, and a bend and when to use all three.

Basic Outdoors Skills for Primitive Camping - Skills needed for camping outside an RV in campground. Can be extended to a full day class.

Fire Making Skills - Learn how to make man’s (and women’s) most useful tool.

Rope Making - I learned this 28 years ago and it still fascinates me. Can be piggybacked with Basic Knots for Outdoor Use for a longer course.

Charcoal for Drawing/Drawing with Natural Materials - Learn how to make charcoal for drawing. The drawing with natural materials portion is a seasonal course from later May to September.

Edible and Medicinal Plants - Possibly my favorite offering. Seasonal from May to September.

Full Moon Walk - Experience the outdoors in the absence of artificial light.

Birding by ear walk - Learn to identify birds by call as well as sight. Seasonal during late spring/early summer.

Nature Scavenger Hunt - I’m proud of this one. Makes kids really focus on their surroundings.

Wine and Wilderness Skills for Women - You provide the wine, I provide the skills. Think of it as a Tupperware party for the Great Outdoors. Obviously, this one is for adults only.

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