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About Sandcut Outdoors

Sandcut Outdoors is unlike any other outdoor school out there.  The classes that I instruct are broad and multi-disciplined. My clients range from private individuals seeking to improve their personal knowledge and skill base to small businesses seeking to meet their regulatory safety requirements to public, private, or home school groups looking to supplement their science curricula.  My programs have the knowledge and ability to help them all.

Who can benefit from my classes?  Past clients include outdoor and environmental education centers; local government offices and small businesses needing first aid or CPR and AED training; home school groups needing science field trips; public schools seeking educational school assemblies; Boy Scout and Girl Scout leaders, backpacking, mountain biking, rock climbing and hiking clubs, arborists, and summer camps looking for Wilderness First Aid training or recertification; new mothers and new parents seeking pediatric CPR and first aid training; and environmental advocacy groups needing interesting public programs.

Please check out my offered and scheduled classes.  I'm sure that there's something to interest even the most experienced outdoorsman or outdoorswoman.  In fact, that's largely my goal, to offer classes that other providers don't.

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