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About Me

I have been a professional biologist for almost 30 years now.  During that time I've worked on fishing boats in the Bering Sea, taught high school biology in southeastern Africa, instructed courses in oceanography and coastal ecology in Virginia and performed pesticide research in Florida.  I have also worked to protect our nation's waterways in my current position for the past 20+ years.  As such, I've gained a broad, multi-disciplined understanding of topics ranging from botany to fisheries science and from ornithology to wetlands ecology.  I try to bring this experience into every class that I teach.
Along the way, I've also managed to earn certifications as an EMT-B as well as an instructor for the American Red Cross Health and Safety Services.  The skills and knowledge gained in this capacity I have even used on myself and members of my own family.
I started Sandcut Outdoors as a hobby, not as a job.  It's my chance to share my love of science and my love of the outdoors to any and everyone.
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